About us

Healing Plan is entirely committed to help orphans by providing food and education to those who are under care of orphanage. It is a project of the children’s Healing Plan to partner with orphanage in Rwanda and Uganda. We do whatever it takes to make sure no orphan under our care go to bed hungry, protect them where we can and give them access to education.

The orphans often end up in the most pitiful and unimaginable situation. They are less likely than others to find shelter in their extended families and can be outcasts in their own communities. Orphanages have been their only home and very responding to their needs for life-saving, safety, for the love and care of a family structure, and for education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to refuse that NO orphan go to bed hungry and create Hope for a better future.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make difference in orphan and widow’s life. We believe we can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. We can’t eliminate hunger in the world but one person can feed one hungry orphan.



In the beginning, we simply aimed to focus on rape victims and children born of rape during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda to provide psycho social support since 2010 under nonprofit organisation known as Best Hope Rwanda , however, and as the organisation extended the mission and vision, we decided to change the name to Healing Plan to provide long-term care to orphans. Little did we imagine that one day we would be able to help and work with orphanage in Uganda of the abandoned orphans as the results of the HIV/AIDS, these children have been badly affected with illnesses brought about or made worse by malnutrition and have no access to education.

Feeding and educating the orphans is the backbone of Healing Plan and we believe this structure plays a great role in the health recovery, make a massive difference in their daily live and bring a bright future. When you save a child, you save a whole generation. So your donation could change someone’s future.

We cares for orphans