Educate them

It’s a familiar story for many parents at the start of a new school year. Buying the new uniform, making sure those shoes are shiny for that all important first day and negotiating the hazards of the school run. It might seem stressful, but our children are lucky to have access to a good education and that we’re there to worry about them. For many orphan children, having access to any education can be a very real struggle and being prepared for a new school year is an impossibility. Why not being one to someone to support our education program.

The chance of an education is a chance to escape poverty, to improve health and to enhance opportunities that will change the world. Education can transform lives and change societies for good.


Education is among the best opportunities an orphan has for a future beyond the orphanage. The average cost for an education is £40/month and includes uniforms, books, supplies, tuition, feeding fees, and exam fees. Our program is set up to allow two education sponsors per child, each at £20/month. You can also choose to fully sponsor a child for education at £40/month if you prefer. Education sponsors receive pictures and letters from their children, as well as regular report cards from their schools, so that they can pray for and encourage their students as they progress in their studies



We empower orphans to grow into productive citizens in their communities through the benefits of education. Why not join us and support this cause.

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