Feed them

Feeding the orphans is the backbone of Healing Plan’s mission and achievements and consequently the small food parcel programme is and will remain our main focus. Seeking regular donations to help provide for food for orphans, these children have been badly affected with illnesses brought about or made worse by malnutrition.

We provide food to orphans as well as training on the importance of a nutrition diet. With proper nutrition early in life, orphan can grow, develop and thrive to their full potential. Relentless hunger weakens children’s immune systems and leaves them vulnerable to infection, disease and death. And for those who survive, malnutrition is a life sentence.



Nearly 1/4 children in the world today suffer permanent damage to their bodies & minds because they don’t get the nutrition they need. Many orphans in Africa especially in Uganda and Rwanda are facing a code red crisis, hunger is a constant, chronic pain gnawing away at hungry children, It is estimated that 1.2 million children are orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda and That leaves 1.3 million children that are orphaned due to preventable diseases, food security, and poverty.


We’re committed to ending orphan’s hunger, we refuse no orphan should go to bed hungry but we can’t do it without you. right now, children are living on the brink of famine and the orphanage in Uganda we partner with need emergency food assistance for the children to survive. Through our partnership with the local orphanage in Uganda and Rwanda that we feed over 100 children a month, please help these children have food they need to be able stay healthy, grow and focus in school. Your donation of £10 will provide one meal for 10 children a day and if you can commit to donate every monthly that will change their lives forever.

We cares for orphans