Making a difference in orphan’s life

About 12 million children in Africa have been orphaned by different circumstance such as HIV-AIDS, wars or other disasters and that number is rising, according to the Save the Children Fund report. Gloria lives in an orphanage in southern Uganda. Her parents died of HIV-AIDS-related illnesses when she was 5 when her father died and in 2015 her mother died is hospital.




I saw my mother die in my presence it was traumatic, it was my first time to see such thing. Because I was a bit older than my other siblings, I was the one who was looking after my mum and I was only 10 years old. I used to cook food for her, wash her clothes, and boil herbs for her. She told me she was suffering from AIDS, but I didn’t know what it was by that time. When my mother died we suffered so much. We had no food nothing and there was no one to look after us and the owner of the house said we should find where to go because we couldn’t afford the rent, it was a hopeless situation until we met Ganza from Healing Plan who introduced us to an orphanage.



We didn’t even have money to buy soap or salt. We wanted to go to our grandparents, but we didn’t have transport to go there. I tried to be positive, but it was difficult to see my brother and sister who was only 5 years old and 8 years old crying endlessly because of hunger, asking me food I don’t have. We also face huge discrimination and sigma from our neighbours because they told their children that they should never play with us because our parents died of HIV-AIDS so we may affect them, none wanted to help us they said we are cursed. I missed my mother because I loved her so much. When my mum was still here we didn’t suffer. We had food and money for buying things and we couldn’t worry about going to school. But I remember my mother used to say to me when she will be no more with us I should always pray to God whenever we face difficulties because God is the father of the fatherless. Would you kindly donate

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