Volunteers are an integral part of Healing Plan’s success. They are the ones that create real change for those most in need.Not only does volunteering save lives but it is also an extremely rewarding experience that you’ll cherish forever.This is your chance to meet new people and have fun whilst being part of a great cause.

Donating your time and skills is incredibly valuable to us. Please contact healiplan@gmail.com to find out how you can make a difference.

You can now apply online using our easy to complete form.

 Ways to volunteer

  • Volunteer at events: help at one of our numerous fundraising events happening around the country.
  • Organise your own fundraising activities: this could be anything from a car boot sale to a charity dinner
  • Church, school, university collections: help raise the vital funds needed to save lives from your local institutions
  • Promote Healing Plan on social networking sites get active and promote Healing Plan on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramAbout us

    There are 64 million children around the world deprived of their fundamental right to education and other basic need. These children, the majority of whom live in the most marginalised sectors of society, have no access to education due to the tremendous obstacles they face including being orphans, extreme poverty, living in areas affected by armed conflict, limited resources, poor infrastructure, natural disasters, or other factors that make education out of reach.

    Healing Plan is entirely committed to help orphans and providing education and food either under the care of foster care or home. It is a project of Healing Plan to partner with orphanage in Uganda and in Rwanda.

    Healing Plan believes strongly that every orphan must have every opportunity to survive and thrive in education.

    The orphans often end up in the most pitiful and unimaginable situation. They are less likely than others to find shelter in their extended families and can be outcasts in their own communities. Orphanages have been very responding to their needs for life-saving drugs, for the love and care of a family structure, and for education.

    In the beginning, we aimed simply to ease the suffering of children born of rape in Rwanda in whatever life remained to them in other words, we were Best Hope Rwanda, however, and as the organization extended, we change the name to Healing Plan to provide long-term care. Little did we imagine that one day we would be able to help and work with orphanage in Uganda. And We believe this structure plays a great role in the recovery and continued health of our children.

We cares for orphans